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About me

Guida turistica Vicenza Venezia

I am a licensed Tour Guide for Venice, the cities and the Villas of the Veneto

in Italian, English and French

My name’s Daniela Zarpellon,
I am a qualified Tour Guide from Vicenza, a small and precious town in the heart of Veneto.

Thanks to my passion for history, art and architecture since 2008 I have been working as a Licensed Tour Guide in the cities and Villas of the Veneto Region.

I graduated from the University of Verona, and I constantly follow university courses in History, Art and Architecture at the Cà Foscari University of Venice.

The territory where I live and work cannot be understood without knowing the long and fascinating history of the Republic of Venice. This is why my tours are special: I don’t just describe the places we visit, but I try to make them understood. And this is what remains in the memory of visitors.

What I like doing is creating unique cultural itineraries for independent travellers, families and small groups who wish to live a warm, authentic experience in all places they travel to.
My goal is to make the most of your time in my region and all of my tours are tailor made, so unique!

I create traditional and special itineraries in Venice, Padua, Vicenza and Verona, always in a respectful and sustainable way towards the cities and the delicate environment we visit. 🌱

The discovery of all sites cannot miss the most interesting aspects of city life, like cafes, shops and nice meeting places: these are all things you are going to discover with a local guide like me.

📧 Come and discover the unexpected with me: contact me for a customized itinerary! 📧