I am a licensed Tour Guide for Venice, the cities and the Villas of the Veneto

in Italian, English and French

What we see sometimes needs to be translated into words in order to be revealed, this has become a bit of the challenge I set myself: read what surrounds us, turn it into words, give it meaning.

Transmit all of this to my guests.

I have made it a profession: I am a Tour Guide, I take you to look at what you might not see on your own, and I tell you about the beautiful things that you visit in the cities and in the villas of the lands around Venice.

Here begins a story that my site can help you to know.

I was born and still live in Vicenza, surrounded by the beauty and harmony of the proportions of this unique and fascinating city, shaped by the divine Palladio, a revolutionary architect of the Venetian Renaissance.

I studied Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures with a specialization in History and Art and I have been a Licensed Tour Guide since 2008.

In 2013 I broadened my skills and acquired the qualification as a Tour Leader.

In 2018 I attended a specialization course on the History and Art of the city of Venice at the University of Cà Foscari, and I constantly attend in-depth courses.

I spend my free time outdoors as much as possible: I walk, pedal, free my mind and rediscover my creativity. When I work I do more or less the same thing, and for this reason I consider myself an extremely lucky person 🍀.

I don’t work alone (it’s not my way!) and I grow thanks to the collaboration with other qualified tour guides, with whom I founded We Tour, a workshop of projects, ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism, all aimed at tourists visiting the Veneto.

I am a member of GTI – Italian Tourist Guides association.

I love animals, I have two cats, Tea and Totò who teach me patience, tenacity and the art of repairing what is broken.

I like to paint in watercolors, overlaying shades of color helps me to focus on what at first glance is not noticed.

I am pleased to leave my complete curriculum to those who want to ask me, but to get an idea of ​​my training, I list below some of the qualifying courses I have attended to give value and quality to my job.


  • Venice: history of a city of sea and stone, Corso Minor –  Cà Foscari University of Venice:

–  The splendid periphery of an empire: Rome Byzantium Venice

– Rise and decline of a great power: From the myth of the Republic to the metropolitan city

  • Storytelling for the guided tours, course conducted by Sabina Viezzoli, tourism marketing consultant
  • Venetian architecture between the 12th and 15th centuries – Special course in the history of art – organized by Itinerarte (VE)
  • Venice and Maria. Maria is Venice – Special course in the history of art – organized by Itinerarte (VE)
  • Christianity, cult of images and iconography: the Mosaic – Special course in the history of art – organized by Itinerarte (VE)
  • Tintoretto | 500 – Special course in the history of art – organized by Itinerarte (VE)
  • Specialization course on the Great War – organized by the Veneto Productivity Center (VI)
  • Region Promoter Course – Synergies between culture, industry and tourism, carried out as part of the European project CMC – Clusters meet culture – Veneto Region
  • Renaissance Architecture in Veneto – Association Amici dei Musei – Vicenza
  • Icons: light of the divine – Training course for reading Russian icons – Association Italia Nostra Vicenza
  • Professional tools to welcome tourists with disabilities – Association Yeah!
  • Advanced Training Course “Munus docendi. Ecclesiastical cultural heritage of Veneto”, organized by the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences” Santa Maria di Monte Berico ” of Vicenza

Daniela Zarpellon

Licensed Tour Guide – The Lands of Venice

Mobile: +39   338 4103735