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Vicenza is a city of architecture, it is a model studied and in continuous evolution, it is a center of studies for specialists and art lovers.

The forma urbis of Vicenza was undoubtedly defined during the Renaissance, thanks to the brilliant intervention of Palladio and the will of a group of utopian intellectuals. The flourishing opulence of the economy of Vicenza in the 1500s, the subversive propensity for the Protestant Reformation, the political desire for emancipation from the Dominant, Venice, meant that Vicenza in particular suffered an urbanistic and architectural distortion that was completely unique of its kind. The city was completed in about a century, but apart from the Palladian imprint, the subtle passages of the Enlightenment, Neoclassicism and Italian Rationalism are still visible, thanks to the presence of great authors deeply linked to Vicenza, such as Carlo Shoe.

On this page are available all the proposals for those who want a more in-depth guided tour on the history and architecture of the city.

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