Carlo Scarpa’s architecture in Vicenza

Carlo Scarpa is one of the greatest contemporary architects and designers. His style is characterized by a rare sensitivity to details and meticulous care in the choice of materials for his works.

Carlo Scarpa worked in Venice, in Vicenza and ended his career leaving us an extraordinary masterpiece: the Brion Tomb, in the San Vito cemetery in Altivole, close to Treviso.


I organize guided tours for architects and specialists, to discover Carlo Scarpa’s masterpieces in the Veneto, with tailor made itineraries in Vicenza, Venice and San Vito di Altivole (TV)

I have specialized training regarding the history of Veneto and the history of art. I followed a university course on the contemporary history of Venice at Cà Foscari University, with a thesis on the architecture of Carlo Scarpa. Send me an email for a thematic itinerary on Carlo Scarpa’s architecture in Vicenza, Venice or San Vito di Altivole.

Guided tours for Carlo Scarpa architects

Still very young, Carlo Scarpa left Venice, where he was born, to move to Vicenza following his mother, who ran a haute couture workshop in the city of Palladio. Living in a place where you can breathe harmony, balance, measure and management of space at every corner has left an indelible mark on Carlo Scarpa, who says:

«I have been passionate about [architecture] since I was a boy, if I can afford the luxury of saying this. When I lived in Vicenza, I was six or seven years old, I remember […] playing balls among the attic bases of Palazzo Chiericati. I think I had been knowledgeable since I was a boy, I really liked the columns, the bases, walking between the arches.”

(An hour with Carlo Scarpa, television documentary edited by M. Cascavilla, G. Favero, Rome, RAI, 1972)

Carlo Scarpa returns to live in Vicenza in 1972. It is clear that the imprinting of the city-headquarter of architecture, had left a profound trace.

The guided tour of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture in Vicenza includes seeing:

  • Casa Gallo (a private deluxe apartment)
  • the building in Via del Quartiere (from the external courtyard)
  • the historic center of Vicenza
  • the Villa Valmarana ai Nani and the Stables (from the outside), Carlo Scarpa’s last home

The mentioned places can be visited on certain days and certain times, it is necessary to agree on the visit program before confirmation.


Send me an email to arrange your guided tour of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture in Vicenza 📩:

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