Here are our proposals for the different cities in the Veneto Region

Vicenza veduta panoramica

Plan your visit to Vicenza, Italy, and immerse yourself in its architectural wonders and rich history. Discover Andrea Palladio’s masterpieces and explore the cultural attractions of this charming Italian city

Basilica Palladiana - Visita guidata a Vicenza - Guide turistiche Vicenza

Visit Vicenza and the Palladian palazzi with a local guide. Discover the Olympic theater, the Basilica Palladiana and the venetian villas with a tour guide

Venice guided tours
Venice – Venezia

Explore the enchanting canals and rich history of Venice with an expert tour guide. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this iconic city as your knowledgeable tour guide leads you through its hidden gems and storied landmarks. Book your unforgettable Venetian adventure today!

Orologio Piazza Padova
Padua – Padova

Guided tours in Padua, Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel, the Basilica of Saint Antony – Visit the Venetian Villas along the Brenta River


Verona is a city that won’t disappoint anyone: lovers of art and Roman history, diehard romantics, refined foodies… there is something for all tastes. Visit Verona with a local guide.